The use of essential oils, aromatic liquid substances from flowers, leaves, grasses, roots or tree bark, reaches back thousands of years in human history. Used today in medicine, cosmetics and food, essential oils operate effectively not only at the cellular physical level but in the emotional, spiritual and aesthetic areas of our lives. With our 300 oils to choose from, the therapist uses essential oil in skin applications - massage oils, or by osmosis in the bath or by inhalation in a variety of methods. These powerful oils have antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal qualities - qualities which are as effective today as they were centuries ago.

Essential oils are used in massage for relaxation and stimulation, in the preparation of smoothing cosmetic applications and in custom-blended mixes for first aid and other therapeutic uses, such as cough and cold remedies. Properly applied essential oils are extremely safe, and they are a truly holistic alternative to potentially toxic medicines and household chemicals.

Flower Essences

Completely natural, flower essences are potentized plant preparations which convey a very distinct or energetic imprint of a specific flower. Possessing only minute traces of physical substances, flower essences belong to a revolutionary new field of potent remedies working with the subtle, yet very important, realm of human psyche, where thoughts and feelings emanate. Originally developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1950s, the Bach Flower Essences have been used all over the world. Now many countries offer essences distribution from their own native flower species.

Flower essences are essentially energetic extracts. Flowers are hand collected at the peak of blossom and placed in a bowl of local pure water. There they are infused with the fire power of the morning sun. After the energetic imprint of the flowers has been infused into the water, the liquid is prepared as a mother essence. Potentized and diluted into stock bottles and preserved with brandy, flower essences are administered orally or through skin applications. Dosages are usually four drops under the tongue four times each day.

Choosing which essences to employ may seem a daunting task. Through reflection, meditation and self-observance, a client can identify key issues he/she would like to address. In addition, a questionnaire can be used to select essences most closely related to their key issue(s). Some people will experience profound changes, but the usual pattern is a gradual discovery of their effects in relationship, self-image, stress levels, etc. Flower essences are most effective when used as a part of a holistic program of health enhancement.

Reiki / Seichim

Powerful, hands-on energetic therapies, both Reiki and Seichim come from Japanese traditions of energy transfer from therapist to client. Through a process called attunement, a Reiki or Seichim master clears the central channel of the therapist whereupon he/she is able to channel, or universal energy by means of laying on of hands contact with the client. Primarily used for stress relief and relaxation, both of these modalities can promote healing. Treating the whole person's body, emotions, mind and spirit Reiki (roughly translated as spiritually guided life-force energy) can create many beneficial effects, including relaxation and feelings of peace, security, well-being and clarity.

Reiki and Seichim are both simple, natural and safe modalities which can be used in any circumstance. They are not based on dogma so no belief system is needed to learn, use or experience these powerful modalities.

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