Massage therapy has probably been around since the dawn of humanity. Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics depict priests performing what looks like reflexology on their patients. While it has taken many forms, most people are familiar with Swedish massage techniques which promote general relaxation, but are amazingly therapeutic as well. Here at Kneading You Therapy, you will find several massage modalities available to you depending upon your specific needs.

If pain or restricted mobility from stress, injury, accident, repetitive stress actions from your job or sports activity or general everyday stress tensions are keeping you from enjoying your lifestyle of choice you would be wise to consider massage therapy, as part of your therapeutic, 'just for me', program.

Massage therapy is a gentle yet effective way to relieve pain and increase the body's range of motion. It can heal certain conditions and prevent
re-occurrence. Massage has been known to reduce or even eliminate the need for medication or surgery.

How can message help?

Stress - massage is best known as a tremendous stress reducing therapy. As stress decreases in the body a lot of things can change; energy increases; muscular tension decreases, reducing the likelihood of injury and illness, improving range of motion and elevating mood; anxiety-aggravated conditions such as asthma and insomnia can be relieved; and it is an excellent supportive therapy for anyone in counseling or additive therapy.

Pain Reduction - massage relieves muscle tension with its gentle glilding , kneading and stretching motions. Since massage stimulates the nervous system as well, it can act upon nerves to instruct the muscular systems to further relax. Massage flushes tissues of potentially toxic stored waste products that can also produce muscle soreness and post- workout pain. Restricted muscle tissue can become so tight in the body it can constrict sensitive nerve tissue, causing pain, tingling and other referred sensations in arms, hands, and legs. As the muscle tension is worked out, these conditions can see remarkable improvement, even resolution.

Injury - pain from sudden injury or an injury developed over time, such as tendonitis, can certainly benefit from massage therapy. By reducing inflammation, massage can increase circulation of blood and lymph bringing nutrition to and waste from the injury site. Certain massage techniques can limit scar tissue growth and can reduce or render pliable, old scar tissue from previous injuries. Secondary pain conditions like headaches from eye strain, or low back pain during pregnancy can successfully treated with massage therapy.

Fluid Retention - - as circulation and range of motion improve with regular massage excess fluid from recent injury, surgery or pregnancy can be drained from tissue. More serious fluid issues should be addressed by other modalities like Lymph Drainage.

Injury Prevention - massage therapy can impact future injury by reducing tensions in stressed/unbalanced muscle groups and by addressing favored painful or restricted areas in soft tissue or osseous (bone) structures. If muscle/tendon pressure can be reduced painful joint conditions such as osteoarthritis can be improved. Postural issues produce restrictions in muscles, joints and in the body's fascial system. As these restrictions lessen through therapeutic massage therapy treatments, a more relaxed natural posture can be achieved. In the same way pain conditions caused by a person having to stay still, injury, surgery, paralysis, or simple aging issues can often times see remarkable relief from massage therapy.

What to expect at your massage therapy session?

I will take an intake form from you to determine your current health status, our goals from therapy and to see if any present conditions present a contraindication. The actual massage can be 30, 60, or 90 minutes long - your preference or my best judgment as to what we should look to accomplish in the session based on any current serious but massage-indicated conditions.

Clients are always professionally draped for massage sessions. Feel free to ask any questions, concerns you may have before or at any time during the session. Home-care suggestions may be offered. You will be encouraged to hydrate after the session and depending upon individual circumstance be encouraged to use rest, heat or ice as adjunct home therapy.

Swedish massage is probably the most commonly offered experienced form of massage therapy. I use a firm pressure and will always check in with a client to see if the pressure is too firm, too light or just right. I can use any or all of the usual Swedish techniques generally employed in this most relaxing modally.

  • Effleurage - long strokes to increase circulation

  • Friction - limber up joints, muscles, tendons and connective tissue. Used primarily over areas of palpable tightness or restriction

  • Petrissage - A kneading stroke designed to relieve congestion in soft tissue, increases lung activity and cellular respiration, removes toxin, hastens cellular elimination and assists in contraction of weak muscles.

  • Vibration - increases contractible pressure of muscle tissue and is a powerful means of stimulating circulation, glandular activity and neural plexuses treatment. Increases contraction of muscle fiber, blood supply and stimulates nerve response.

Neuro-Muscular Therapy
A generally deeper pressure modility, neuro-muscilar therapy addresses the causes of pain in soft tissue. To get results in the area of myofascial pain syndromes six factors must be addressed. If only two or three factors are considered pain may be eliminated in the short term but results will be inconsistent and arbitrary. Pain may return eventually because underlying causes continue to irritate the nervous system. The six factors addressed are:

  • Ischemia - lack of blood oxygen caused by muscular spasm
  • Trigger Points - areas of increased metabolic waste which excite areas of the cord and refer pain, tingling, etc. to other parts of the body.
  • Nerve Entrapment and/or Compression - pressure on nerves by with soft tissue components, or by osseous structures (bone, disk)
  • Postural Distortion - body's alignment deviates from anatomically correct positions in all planes.
  • Nutrition - intake of necessary nutrients and exclusion of nutrients irritating & stimulating to the central nervous system.
  • Emotional Well-Being - works to reduce/eliminate stress.

Our central nervous systems are designed to withstand a certain range of stimulation. When stimulated beyond its range by external and internal forces, changes begin to occur in the nervous system, including the registration of pain and the onset of dysfunction. This excessive stimulation sets up a cycle within which all muscles and organs served by that nerve segment are likewise excessively stimulated.

In neuro-muscular therapy, both dry and lightly lubrication can be used. Finger tips, thumbs, elbows and mechanical instruments (pressure bars) are used to glide through painful and restricted tissue to initiate their release. This is generally not a full body process but can be of enormous value in relieving local pain conditions and referred pain syndromes as well.

Seated Chair

Generally seen as an event type of bodywork wherein the client remains clothed while "seated" in a massage chair. The therapist uses a variety of massage techniques to effect relaxation and stress/pain relief during the specified time period. Seated chair massage can be a wonderful and readily accepted perk at corporate functions or a regularly offered promotion to enhance the employee work environment. Four, six or eight hour time frames can be booked with recipients given 10/15 minute sessions. All therapists used are PA licensed MT's.

Hot Stone Massage

Perfect for those celebratory events birthdays, promotions, etc. I combine130 degree-heated, polished lava stones with the application of powerful essential oils (Raindrop Therapy) steamed into the body through hot, stone-layered towels to promote a thoroughly relaxing and therapeutic 2 hour experience. The heated stones replace my hands as the massaging instrument while other areas of the body experience the deep heating of stones placed on the body. The combination of the deep long lingering heating brought on by the lava stones and the application of 10 highly therapeutic essential oils creates a not-soon-forgotten massage experience.

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