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"Pete is awesome! I can't say enough about how talented he is with his trade. He is true master at helping release tension and stress, ensuring rapid recovery from injury, comforting the body, and helping one feel safe again after trauma. I have had several injuries and car accidents where Pete was the first one I turned to for treatment. As a licensed professional counselor, I appreciate his mind-body-emotion approach and have experienced first hand the true mastery of his skill. Thank you Pete for providing me relief on many levels and sharing your gifts with the world."

- Jenny Lynne Stout, LPC

I wholeheartedly recommend Pete Gerold as an excellent alternative health practitioner in the Philadelphia area. His soft tissue release method was a winner for me. He was the ONLY professional who finally brought relief and eventually corrected my chronic back pain! This came after trying massage, chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy. In my case, it took some pain to correct the pain, but it was worth it. I always felt lighter and more buoyant after getting off the table.  

You will find Pete to be highly educated about the human anatomy. He is able to quickly connect the dots after assessing your condition and proceed from there. If you have questions, he will do his best to answer them. The amount of time he spends with a patient is quite generous for the price of an individual treatment session. For those of you seeking an extraordinarily skilled individual who will do his utmost to bring balance and somatic relief back into your life - I recommend you contact Pete Gerold.

- Peter Appel, MSW
Pete is a very knowledgeable and skilled therapist. His myofascial release work helped me to stay out of chronic back pain for the first time in over 10 years. Pete is kind, caring and attentive during the treatment. As a practicing Physical Therapist, I recommend him and his work to many of my patients who do not get better with traditional physical therapy exercise.

- Kim Deeck, MSPT
No one likes to be in pain. Pete has a gift for identifying the cause of the pain and fixing it. As a cyclist that likes to ride for hours at a time something always hurts. Whether my discomfort comes from riding by bike or hours spent at the computer I know that Pete can help. The myofascial technique also allows you to stay completely clothed during the massage allowing me to relax and get the complete benefit of the treatment.

- Cindy Kneiser Walker
Pete is an excellent, caring, professional therapist. I have been seeing him for more than 10 years. I have fibromyalgia and his myofascial release and cranio-sacral techniques help to release my tight muscles, giving me body-wide relief from pain, especially when I'm in a flare. With fibromyalgia, you can hurt everywhere (back, neck, head, legs, shoulders, hips, TMJ, etc.) and in different places at different times. Pete's knowledge of the body musculature, and which modality to use to treat your pain, is exceptional. Three years ago, I had a car accident. Pete was a great resource to help get my pain under control. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs any type of professional massage therapy. He is top notch!

- D. Sheppard, Fibromyalgia Patient
There are not enough words to explain the health benefits of Pete's treatments. They have helped me beyond words with many issues such as digestion and TMJ. He incorporates several modalities in one treatment. I have been a client for two years now, since I recruited him to do treatments at The Art Of Wellness Center. My health has taken a 360 turnaround for the better. Pete also gives great advice regarding my health issues.
There is no one that I know who is better. I have told him he is my Angel.

Julia Engstrom
Complimentary Wellness Solutions
Pete has been a godsend. Conventional physical therapy of my post-surgical shoulder could only go so far. Conventional treatment for a cyst in my foot failed. His treatments have allowed me to once again golf and walk a golf course. I highly recommend Pete and his myofascial release therapy.

Frank D., Langhorne, PA