Pete brings 20+ years of hands-on experience to the field of the healing arts. Once certified as a massage therapist he began to see the limited applications for massage therapy in chronic pain conditions. Wanting to facilitate his clients to achieve longer-lasting pain/symptom relief and move into deeper true healing he began to explore other bodywork modalities in search of answers. Believing in the innate ability of the human body to heal itself, it soon became apparent that true healing only occurred when all aspects of the person – physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual – were addressed.

This led to trainings in 25+ bodywork modalities completed over the years. While he initially questioned some of the modalities he studied, invariably some client needed exactly what was experienced in the last seminar so he went on to simply trust his intuition. The result is a very strong arsenal of healing modalities in Pete’s toolbox to allow him to confidently treat the many pain/dysfunction conditions and issues he encounters in his everyday practice. 

Pete’s major emphasis in his treatment plans has gravitated to the somato-emotional therapies – Myofascial Release, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Process Acupressure. Trauma in any form – physical, mental, emotional – can manifest in seemingly bizarre patterns in the human body. Holding patterns implant in the fascial or connective tissue system in the human body. Usually unaddressed in more traditional forms of physical therapy – and responsible for the limited healing many times associated with massage and other modalities – these holding patterns can over time incapacitate the person with severe pain and dysfunction. These can be safely and effectively addressed and resolved with somato-emotional therapies. By bringing awareness into the emotionally-based holding patterns which are often the basis for our physical pain symptoms these deeply rooted fascial restrictions can be released.

Whether a client needs acute or chronic pain/dysfunction relief or a restorative, relaxing massage experience Pete provides a professional, safe environment for a true healing experience! Remember your pets as well –Pete is now offering Aromatherapy and Myofsacial Release therapies for your family pets so that these cherished family members can experience state-of-the-art healing therapies for their pain, stress and emotional conditions as well. 

Peter Gerold
Licensed Massage Therapist
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